Building Relationships

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Local understanding – National Reach

Becoming a trusted adviser is about knowing your clients, understanding their current circumstances and recommending the best solution. We can only achieve this by living and working in the communities in which we operate. From our local offices in the South West we engage with our clients and they are assured of dealing with a familiar face.

Whilst maintaining personal touch is key to our approach, the scale and financial strength of our business enables us to provide a broad range of market leading products and services. For our clients it is the perfect combination.

Commitment to Excellence – Regional Expertise

Our depth of experience and expertise is well recognised in the industry and demonstrated by the recognition we have received through the awards we have won. We are one of a select number of businesses that has been awarded the Certified Quality Practice status by Charter Financial Planning. This program sets an industry benchmark for providing high quality financial advice. The certification is awarded based on industry qualifications, demonstrated best practice business operations and proven success in meeting the financial needs of our clients.

Our Clients

Our clients come from a range of backgrounds but have one thing in common; they all seek the peace of mind that having a plan in place brings.

A plan that ensures they’ll have enough money in retirement. Their family is protected should something happen to them or they’re making the most of their finances. Most importantly, our clients want to strike a balance between enjoying today, while having an eye on the future.

We work with everyone. From those considering how to boost their super and fund their retirement through to mums & dads, small business owners and younger people who are just starting out.

Our clients value the personalised advice they receive from us, and enjoy continuity of service and the relationships they build with their trusted financial adviser.

Our Difference

Many people come to financial advisers with a predetermined idea about an issue or an opportunity that they have, whether it be about insurance, wealth, superannuation or retirement. Quite often these ideas or opportunities are sound in isolation, however good financial decisions are made in the context of your overall situation and goals. We look beyond the surface motivation to the truth that lies beneath.

Your Journey

Understanding You & Your life

Everything we do is centred around understanding you from your current situation, to where you want to be in the future. Working together we’ll be able to uncover opportunities to build, manage and protect your wealth and create plans to minimise the impact of potential obstacles.


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